Snowing solidly for three days

Snowing solidly for three days's like Little House on the Prairie

the kitchen taking shape

Monday, 12 April 2010

My new life as a builder

The sun is out and we should be building. But one thing I have quickly discovered in my new life as a builder is that nothing happens quickly in the construction world. For the past month I've been tied up with paperwork, drawings, planning approvals - trying to cut through the red tape we've been bogged down with for the past nine months.
Minor victory today though. The cautious conservation officer at the council has approved our application for slimline double glazing in the new extension of the small listed farmhouse! Don't know why this has happened....he was minded not to. It's still bonkers, we are being forced to put in single glazing in the main part of the farmhouse because it is listed and in the barn. Don't know how we can improve the environmental credentials of these buildings with restrictions like this. But we should press home our advantage and challenge that in the light of today's breakthrough.
In the meantime, trying to broker the relationship between the (real) builder and the architect. My only management tool - as in journalism it was cake - with builders it is biscuits. Moods become quickly smoothed on appearance of the chocolate digestives or the viennese fingers.

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