Snowing solidly for three days

Snowing solidly for three days's like Little House on the Prairie

the kitchen taking shape

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I'm now obsessed with drains. The drainage plan is a thing of beauty and so detailed. Still not sure how it will connect to the sewer in the road - a specialist firm will do this, but it's 6 meters deep. That's a lot of digging and traffic lights to hold up the cars.
Of course, it's impossible to co-ordinate between all the utilities so looks like we will have to dig up the road several times. One good result though, the electricity cable runs along our verge so can tap into this without too much trouble.
The planning officer is off on maternity leave this week so is passing things before she goes. An end to the paperwork is in sight! Looks like our intervention with the local MP may have swayed the council over the double glazing.
But we now have two offers on our house so will have to move into a barn soon.


  1. I assume there is more than just this barn? If not, you were sold a dummy... John Willman

  2. There's a lot more, couldn't get the pics to upload