Snowing solidly for three days

Snowing solidly for three days's like Little House on the Prairie

the kitchen taking shape

Friday, 3 December 2010

In at last and warmer than we've ever been! The water connection was delayed for a week much to our irritation so didn't move in until Nov 23. Turned out to be just in time as it started snowing a week later and hasn't stopped. Snow over the top of my wellies now and I can hardly walk across the fields - there's too much of it. Ordered the sledge just a day too late as I got it from amazon on Monday, but there's been no deliveries since then.
All that insulation has really helped - it warms up quickly and stays warm. The woodburner is fantastic. Big relief to have finally completed something.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Glad I looked you up before writing to your Guardian address! I'm going to be in Tunbridge Wells next Saturday night (19th) and obviously you did move, but wondered if you would be around on the Sunday morning, and if so, where? This all looks fascinating - it would be great to see you. Not quite sure of the etiquette of responding to blog posts...

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I was hoping to pick your brains on a Channel Four project that I am working on in relation to Fair Pay.

    It would be great to have a chat with you on the phone - I can be contacted on 0203 301 8424 or at

    Many thanks,